Startup Law


Startup Law is another way to say small business law, because in effect almost every “startup” you hear about today starts operations as a small business. KarolWilliams PC has been there to advise entrepreneurs at the beginning stages of their business since its founding. Our scope of advice ranges from on-demand, single-issue matters to continuing, deep relationships as outside general counsel (for more on the latter, see our Outside General Counsel section).

  • Business Formation (LLC; Corporations; Partnerships). We advise founders on the choice of entity to form based on the goals of the business.
  • We advise on small-business securities offerings via Private Placement Memos or Crowdfunding.
  • Relationships with its owners and service providers. We advise and draft founders agreements, employment agreements, contractor agreements, and all other agreements related to operating your business.
  • Relationships with government (local, state, federal, and tax authorities). We provide basic tax and license compliance services in conjunction with your CPA and bookkeeper.
  • Relationship with vendors. From lease agreements to supplier contracts, we help you negotiate the operational backbone of your business.
  • Relationships with customers. We provide contract drafting and review, user agreements and liability waivers, privacy policies, and more.
  • Intellectual property. We help you copyright and trademark your key intellectual property as well as draft non-disclosure agreements to protect your trade secrets.

Who Needs It: Any entrepreneur who is ready to launch their business. We help you from the first stages of planning, to execution of business plans, to the maintenance and running of your business. We also provide ad hoc services for specific legal matters that arise.

Type of businesses we’ve advised: Film Production Companies; Production Service; Film Finance; Health and Wellness; Software/App Development; Art Galleries; Artist Studio Practice; Real Estate Investment and Management; Textile Import/Export; Mortgage Brokerage; Grocery, Home & Garden; Talent Management; Non-profit Social Services; Holding Companies; Private Investment; and more.

Fee Arrangement: We work with you to devise a mutually agreeable fee structure. We have flat fee arrangements for business formations that includes discounted hourly rates for ongoing matters for the first year. In the past, we have also entered into blended equity-hourly arrangements.