Production Legal


Production Legal services includes the provision of all legal needs surrounding pre-production, production, and post-production of creative properties for all media. We represent producers who need all of the associated agreements as well as key talent who are negotiating with producers on specific agreements.

Production legal can encompass scripted and unscripted properties – television, film, and all other media, and includes, but is not limited to:

  • Pre-Production Legal Services:
    • Single purpose entity start-up and paperwork
    • Production services agreement
    • Guild and union agreements and compliance
    • Chain of title organization and opinions
    • Copyright and title report oversight
    • Tax incentive agreements
  • Production Legal Services
    • Above-the-line agreements (all types of screenwriter agreements; producer; director; key actors, including diversity riders aka inclusion riders)
    • Below-the-line agreements (crew and secondary cast)
    • Location agreements
    • Review of vendor contracts (equipment; catering, etc.)
  • Post-Production Legal Services
    • Name, likeness, and credit obligation memo
    • Advise on third-party clearances and product placement agreements
    • Script clearance report oversight
    • Visual effects agreements
    • Post-production sound and pictorial house deals
    • Music licensing and/or music production/recording agreements
    • Review of vendor contracts (laboratory, vendor and payroll company agreements)
    • Organization of all legal documents for delivery to distribution channels

Who needs it: Producers, directors, writers, actors, and all other parties involved in film production.

Fee Arrangement: Production legal services are typically provided on a flat-fee basis which is determined by the size of your production budget. When we represent individuals negotiating with producers, we typically charge a percentage fee (if we represent you on an ongoing basis) or bill on an hourly basis (if we represent you on an ad hoc basis).

Our production legal services will not include court approval of minor performer agreements, tax matters (other than advice on tax credit and/or subsidy matters related to financing), immigration matters, litigation or dispute resolution of any kind, whether in court, in administrative hearings or before government agencies, arbitrators or mediators.