Outside General Counsel


As an outgrowth of our Startup Law practice, we have begun to offer services as Outside General Counsel to several key clients. A general counsel handles the day-to-day legal matters of a company. Many times, startups find themselves not big enough to hire a full-time general counsel but in need of a dedicated legal resource. We relish the opportunity to become more involved with your business as a partner and stakeholder. In the role of outside general counsel, we become intimately involved with the operation of your business and your key management, which can be invaluable when legal matters arise unexpectedly.

Who Needs It: Early to mid-stage startups who want a dedicated legal resource but aren’t at a stage that allows a full-time general counsel.

Fee Arrangements: We work with you to come up with a fee structure that works for you. We have worked on an hourly basis, retainer, as well as blended equity-hourly arrangements.