Film Finance


At KarolWilliams PC, our experienced attorneys provide representation for all types of Film Finance as well as finance for all entertainment properties in general.

Raising capital for making entertainment properties is one of the cornerstones of the entertainment industry. Film and television projects are financed through a range of methods, including: debt, equity, grants, and tax incentives.

We have collectively helped structure over $300 million in film finance through the course of our careers and been a part of creating some of the most innovative finance structures that are now commonplace, including the use of unique-structured participations for A-level talent to appear in low-to-medium budget projects; and the use of domestic and foreign incentives, international co-productions, and Chinese co-finance/co-production arrangements.

No matter the type of financing you seek, we can help you achieve your goals and raise the capital you need for your entertainment project.

Who Needs It: Anyone in the entertainment industry seeking to raise capital to fund their entertainment project.

Fee Arrangements: Film Finance work is generally a flat-fee, based on the type and size of budget for your entertainment project. For some clients, we work on a retainer and hourly basis as well.