Dispute Resolution


At KarolWilliams PC, our experienced attorneys provide representation and advocacy in pre-litigation dispute matters and in relation to administrative hearings and investigations.

Dispute resolution is the way that two adverse parties can resolve their issues. There are many methods of dispute resolution including lawsuits (litigation), arbitration, collaborative law, mediation conciliation and negotiation. At KarolWilliams PC, we specialize in helping commercial clients resolve matters, including debt collection, before litigation and/or arbitration, which can be the costliest types of dispute resolution.  

We believe that working with our clients to proactively resolve disputes before litigation can help reduce overall costs for all parties involved. Working collaboratively with mediators and counsel for adverse parties can mean quicker resolutions and avoiding the stress of litigation.

Of course, matters may not always be able to be solved in this way, in which case we can lead you through litigation or refer you to our carefully curated network of litigators to help you with your matter.

Who Needs It: Businesses, entrepreneurs, or individuals in business disputes with matters that may not have a value that warrants litigation.

Fee Arrangements: We work with you to come up with a fee structure that works for you. Depending on the nature of your dispute and the scope of resolution efforts, a flat-fee arrangement, or hourly arrangement are most common.