Commercial Creative Professional Law


The services included in Commercial Creative Professional law includes, but is not limited to:

  • Project and Production Agreements: We help negotiate specific projects and campaigns, helping coordinate contracts between the producer or agency and all vendors.
  • Photo Shoot Agreements: We help negotiate all aspects of a photo shoot, from equipment and studio rental, to model releases and photographers’ agreements.
  • Photo Licensing: We advise photographers on creative license agreements for commercial use of their work.
  • Agency and Representation Agreements: We advise and negotiate agency and representation agreements for individual commercial creative professionals as well as agencies.

Who needs it: All commercial creative professionals, including: creative agencies; physical production companies; photographers; videographers; stylists; editors; studios; and more.

Fee Arrangement: Commercial creative professional legal services are typically provided on a flat-fee basis for individual projects and campaigns. When we represent commercial creative professionals negotiating with agencies or producers, we typically charge a percentage fee (if we represent you on an ongoing basis) or bill on an hourly basis (if we represent you on an ad hoc basis).