Art Law


Art Law generally encompasses all legal matters that arise in the fine arts space, most often in the visual arts. We have represented both galleries and artists in the many aspects of the business.

A survey of our services in Art Law includes:

  • Business Formation: We have provided business formation for both artists and galleries. When an artist has developed their practice to the point of becoming a livelihood, they will often find it best of organize their practice as a small business.
  • Intellectual Property: Protection of intellectual property is a cornerstone of Art Law practice. We advise on copyright and trademark issues for artists and galleries alike.
  • Exhibition & Loan Contracts: When artists have achieved a reputation and status within the collecting and exhibition space, we advise either the exhibitor or the artist/collector on exhibition and loan contracts.
  • Sales and Representation: We advise artists and galleries on sales contracts and artists representation agreements.
  • License Agreements: We help negotiate and draft license agreements to increase the scope of exploitation of intellectual property rights.

Who Needs It: Our Art Law services can be utilized by artists, collectors, galleries, museums, and all other involved in the fine art world.

Fee Arrangement: We work with you to devise a mutually agreeable fee structure. We have flat fee arrangements for standardized work and hourly arraignments for ad hoc work. In the past, we have also entered into blended equity-hourly arrangements. We sometimes trade our services for art as well.